Make your site a revenue making asset. Fully managed & data driven.​

Your website has a wealth of ad options today. We help you unlock your revenue potential. Our unique monetization strategies bring premium new advertisers, targeted ad slots and layouts to your website while amplifying the user journey.

Create wealth with Srika

Unlock unprecedented growth with display ads from industry leading providers as well as direct ads from leading brands. We partner with our publishers to provide an end to end monetization solution.

Step 1

We get to know you better and learn about your site and objectives so we can create a custom strategy for you

Step 2

Our ad pros will work on site layout and our media buyers will drive targeted users to your site. We will amplify your audience base.

Step 3

We will implement and optimize ads on your site and work on new ways to make you money

Data driven Insights to achieve maximum revenue​

We will constantly test between various ad formats, layouts and ad networks to deliver the ones that maximize revenue for you.​

Our Services

Content Strategy

ROI Focused

We will work with you to create focused content that will drive relevant users to your website pages and engage for maximum revenue

User Experience

Amplify User Experience

We will help improve user experience with targeted ad placements and a complete website architecture review for a faster, robust site.

Social Media

Build a Social Community

We will work with your social media agency to help build a social following across popular platforms which can add brand value now and monetization in the future.


Organic Gain

We will ensure your site is SEO optimized to boost your organic reach.

Why Us?

Specialists in monetizing government related websites - Expertise in implementing and monetizing Ads across a variety of government related websites

  • Our team of experts has over 40 years of industry experience in the technology space across India, US and the UK.
  • Access to 20M+ monthly visitors
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Robust technical know-how
  • Rigorous Compliance and Quality Standards
  • Big data and real-time reporting capabilities
  • Tailor-made solutions just for you!

Case study​

How an EDU site Grew its Page RPM by 25% with Ad Layout Optimization is a leading blog, featuring latest results on various competitive exams in India. Srika Media provided Exam Results with a dedicated ad ops team (including a Technical Engineer, an Ops Manager, and a Customer Success Specialist) to oversee the integration of multiple new ad layouts & targeted ad placements with ongoing testing and optimization to maximize ROI.

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